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Residential Disease Control

Fungicides (which destroy fungus) were invented to prevent certain fungi from attacking plants. Once you have a fungus problem, fungicides have to be applied at higher rates and often have to be applied more than once at the high rate.  Using a fungicide as a preventative tool will save you money, time and maybe your lawn!

There are certain times of year that you probably have noticed fungus or disease attacking your lawn. This year, beat the problem to the punch by applying your fungicide just before lawn problems begin. One of the best fungicides to use is Bayleton 1% Granular. One of the best times to use fungicides such as Bayleton is when you make your first yearly application of fertilizer, especially weed and feed products or others with high nitrogen content. Since grasses are most vulnerable as they are being pushed by nitrogen, this is a perfect time to use Bayleton at preventative rates.

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